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Take some preventative measures which may help you if your pet (Dog or Cat) ends up missing or lost.  The following suggestions for the Prevention of Lost or Missing Pets can save you, your pet sitter and your pet from a broken heart.

For you, your pet sitter and your pets sake make sure your pet wears some form of identification. You might want to permanently identify him by having him tattooed or having a special microchip identification device implanted underneath his skin. Your pet is then automatically registered with an identification service. 

  1. Information on Microchip 
  2. Information on Tattoos
  3. Information on Pet ID Tags
  4. Information on Microchip versus Tattoos

Be sure to license your pet . Shelters hold licensed pets a few days longer than unlicensed ones.
How to Find Your Lost Pet.Keep your pet current on his rabies vaccines, and keep his rabies certificate on file with his license number and a complete description and photograph.Begin searching immediately all areas of your house, yard, and your neighborhood–several blocks in all directions.If your pet is not found immediately, begin making posters which include your pet’s picture, a complete description, and your phone numbers at home and work.  Click here is how to make your lost pet (Dogs, Cats)  flyer.  Lost A PetVisit the surrounding animal shelters. A personal visit is better than a phone call.  Click here to find your local animal shelter. Animal SheltersPlace a classified ad in the local paper in the Lost and Found section.  Click here to place a classified ad for lost Pets.  Lost Pets (Dogs or Cats)Remember, a lost pet can wander the streets for weeks or months, so continue searching in the neighborhood, in the paper, and at shelters.When your pet is found at a shelter, you must provide proof of ownership, license number, rabies certificate, photograph or description, and AKC papers (if available). You will be required to renew expired licenses or rabies certificates. You will also have to pay impound and boarding fees.If you or your pet sitter are still looking for your lost pet, do not give up hope. Often people will keep a stray for weeks in hope of finding the owner, so your reunion with your pet may happen when you least expect it.

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